Spinal Cord Stimulator

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Spinal Cord Stimulator
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Chronic pain can develop the the body is responding to an injury that lasts beyond the typically healing time. Chronic pain can prevent you from getting back to your daily activities. Spinal Cord Stimulation is used for injuries to the nerve and block the pain for impacting your life. We can help you find a treatment for your chronic pain, non-surgically or surgically. Call one of the seven offices in Atlanta, Savannah, Conyers, Forest Park, Augusta, Macon, and Decatur, Georgia, or book an in-person or telemedicine appointment online today.

What is a spinal cord stimulator?

A spinal cord stimulator is a device the is implanted on the spinal cord nerve to help disrupt pain signals that are sent due to the damage of the cord so the brain does not receive them and continue to cause pain. 

When do you a spinal cord stimulator be a treatment option?

When your pain has a negative impact on your overall health and life, you should seek medical consulation on the best way to manage this repeated stress to your body. A physical exam and consulation is the first step of assessment for treatment. Non-surgical or conservative modalities will be used to help ease pain such as improving lifestyle factors, phsyical therapt, anti-inflammatory drugs, injections, and acupuncture. If pain needs to be managed further, then surgery might be the next step for you.

What does spinal cord stimulation (SCS) do?

Spinal cord stimulation can help manage chronic pain when the cause cannot be removed or repaired. The device has a stimulating wire (electrode) or connected to a control unit (generator) and by placing the electrode on the spinal cord, the pain signal can be prevented from sending the signal up the spine and to the brain.

A trial is done to test the responsiveness of the treatment before implanting the device through surgery.

If you are suffering from chronic pain, please consult our orthopedic specialists at Spine Center Atlanta. Call the nearest office or book an appointment online today.